Welcome to the Colten Team!

Step 1: Complete New Loan Officer Registration form

Step 2: Download & Review the Colten Marketing Playbook

Please click here to fill out the New Loan Officer Registration form so we can create your Custom Email Signature, Business Cards, and Landing Page for the Colten Mortgage website

The Colten Marketing Playbook is a go-to quick guide for information about Colten Mortgage, our programs and products, and more! Please download and review the Marketing Playbook as a helpful resource for: 

  • Colten Mortgage company background and history 

  • Special Programs & Partnerships

  • ​Marketing Collateral Overview

  • Marketing Initiatives, Strategy, Content ideas, and worksheets to help you continue building your business

  • Links to the Shared Colten Marketing Folder for instant 
    access to logos, flyers, and all of our marketing materials

Step 3: Access our Marketing & Training Resources (anytime)

Bookmark the link below for quick access to our company resources:

Shared Colten Marketing Folder contains the following content:


Colten University

  • BNTouch CRM Software Training, including videos

  • ListReports Software Training

  • Mortgage Coach Software Training

  • Forms and Worksheets to help you stay organized

Colten Marketing 

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Logo Files

  • Flyers and Marketing Collateral

If you have any questions about the Shared Colten Marketing Folder, locating files, downloading, or anything else - please reach out to Dez King, CMO anytime at (719) 355-9261 or send an email to: dking@coltenmortgage.com.  

Step 4: Order Your Marketing Materials and Get Started!

As a convenience to our Loan Officers, we have an online ordering process for our printed marketing and promotional collateral at discounted printing costs. Our goal is to support you with valuable materials to help grow your business as a reputable Colten Mortgage Loan Officer. Check out our online Marketing Shop!

Step 5: Download/Save the Colten Kinko's Business Account Card for Discounts

Using the Colten Business account when printing anything at Kinko's will get you a 25-50% discount. Take advantage of our company discount and save our Membership Card or number to your phone.

FedEx Acct for Print Discount.jpg

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