Insellerate CRM Training & Support

Each Loan Officer will receive their own Insellerate CRM account to:


  • Access and manage all contacts, leads, partners

  • Maintain contact with new leads and existing borrowers

  • Disposition and put notes in as you work each lead in your database

  • Manually add new leads, referrals, and new partners to your database in Insellerate

  • Track progress of your leads from initial contact to application and processing milestones

  • Know that all of your leads and post funded clients are receiving automated nurturing content that looks as if it's coming directly from you, to keep in touch and top of mind with potential clients.


And with our Floify POS (point of sale) system, your borrowers and partners in the loan process will automatically receive updates on your behalf each time the file moves through the next stage of the loan process:


  • Started

  • Pre-App

  • Application

  • Sent to processing

  • Sent to underwriting

  • Conditional approval

  • Clear to Close

  • Funded

This takes some pressure off you to constantly be in contact and updating your clients, as these automated emails and notifications will go out on your behalf without you having to lift a finger. So you can spend more time building your network and turning leads into loans. 

Insellerate Support: Jonny Grobstein  (949) 989-4010  |   
Alternative Support Contact: (855) 973-1646  |

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