Homebot Training & Support

Homebot is an effortless automated tool that gives your post-close clients consistent access to their property values as time passes, and presents opportunities and scenarios for them to make sound financial decisions with their property.


Not only is this homeowner tool valuable to stay top of mind with your previous clients for months and years to come, it's a beautifully informative dashboard that will help past clients realize potential financing opportunities, encouraging them to stay in touch with you


The cost of a Homebot subscription is $100/month for up to 500 clients, or $200/month for up to 1,500 clients. 

Click here to learn more about Homebot features and read FAQs.

For HomeBot support and training, please contact: Mike Zanatta  email: mike.zanatta@homebot.ai  phone: (720) 432-1115

or email: customersuccess@homebot.ai

Logging in once your account has been created: 

1. go to www.homebotapp.com  (worth bookmarking)

2. use your Colten Mortgage email address

3. use the temporary password: homebot1

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