Experience.com Training & Support

We use Experience.com (formerly Social Survey) to give our borrowers and partners a convenient opportunity to leave us feedback and reviews.  Experience connects to your Encompass account and automatically sends a request for feedback and reviews once a loan file is marked as "Funded" within Encompass. 


Your Experience account will be created by the Marketing Director at Colten, Dez King. You will receive an email directly from Experience.com with your login and password to log in and connect your social profiles to your account. LOs are required to login and connect their social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Zillow, etc.

Click here to login to your account.

Click here to view Colten's Experience.com company profile. 


Q: How does it capture the clients we are closing transactions with?  Is this automatically done, or do I manually add them for a manual push?

A: When your account is created on our end, we make sure it’s synced with your Encompass data. So once Encompass hits the closing milestone, it will trigger Experience.com to automatically send out a request for a survey/rating on the borrowers process with you and Colten.  This will automatically go to anyone who is in the loan file as a contact and has an email address for them (borrower, co-borrower, realtor).  

Q: 3 invitations are sent out via email and text, when do those reminders initiate?  Day of closing?  

A: The first request is automatically triggered by Encompass meeting the closing milestone, so it will be once the loan file is closed and funded that they receive a notice to fill out their survey. 

Q: How are we notified when a survey is submitted? 

A: You will receive an email with the survey results any and every time someone receives the survey and completes it (from your specific loan files, as long as you’re the loan owner/manager on the file within Encompass, and that loan is in your Encompass account under your name). 

Q: Are the reviews automatically posted to my social media profiles? 

A: Yes, as long as you log into your Experience.com account with the instructions you should have received in a welcome email from them.  You simply log in and it’s very intuitive to connect your social media accounts – it should prompt you to set this up once you log in. Please contact myself or our account rep Landon Bell if you'd like assistance walking through the setup process, or watch the brief "Getting Started" video above. 

For additional User Support, please email Landon Bell: lbell@experience.com and CC: dking@coltenmortgage.com with a description of what you need assistance on.