Experience.com Training & Support

We use Experience.com (formerly Social Survey) to give our borrowers and partners a convenient opportunity to leave us feedback and reviews.  Experience connects to your Encompass account and automatically sends a request for feedback and reviews once a loan file is marked as "Funded" within Encompass. 


Your Experience account will be created by the Marketing Director at Colten, Dez King. You will receive an email directly from Experience.com with your login and password to log in and connect your social profiles to your account. LOs are required to login and connect their social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Zillow, etc.

How to connect your social media pages/profiles:

  1. Log in to your Experience.com account.

  2. Once logged in, select the tab on the right that reads “Profile” 

  3. Hit “Profile and Settings” and a side bar will open.

Experience.com-connect to SM-training-1.png

4. When the side bar pops up, scroll down to your social media links. Click on the “+” or “Add Link.”

Experience.com-connect to SM-training-2.png

5. ​Select the Social Media profile/page you want to connect.

6. Hit the blue "Connect" button.

Experience.com-connect to SM-training-3.png

7. You will then be redirected to enter your password and log into your profile.

8. Once you have connected your social media accounts, remember to hit the blue "Update" button at the bottom to save this. 

Experience.com-connect to SM-training-4.png

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